Error: Region not supported Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time. What Can be done?

Hello, my laptop crashed and I needed to reinstall windows. Prior to this new installation I have been using uphold on my desktop and mobile device. When I finally setup my laptop, synced my browser across platforms then I tried to log in to connect my desktop to uphold and I get this error:

Error: Region not supported

Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.

I am already verified, and I actively trade on my account using the mobile. What can I do?


That has nothing to do with it. Gemini and Uphold are still open to many regions. However, there are issues between Gemini, Uphold, governments, and Brave that need resolved. Until then, Brave can only connect if the User is from one of 19 countries. If you’re not in that country, you have no way of connecting Brave to your Uphold account.

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold


Im still using it on my mobile. When i signed up i was in the Dominican Republic and registered with dominican papers. WHen i came back to the US i also had reset my laptop and was able to link my browser again to my account. Last night I had to reboot my windows and lost a bunch of information. Is there really nothing I can do? It doesn’t make sense that you would be locked out of your crypto accounts when you travel. That’s actually makes services like uphold suspect.


That should have nothing to do with your Rewards. What information are you talking about? If referring to saved passwords, bookmarks, etc then that would be saved to Sync if you ever started a sync chain. Otherwise if you ever did manual backup of your laptop and all, information would be there.

It doesn’t do that. What the “region not supported” thing is about is connecting Brave to a custodial wallet. In other words, receiving your BAT to Uphold or Gemini.

The limitation is because of each government having different rules and regulations. Just as everyone has to go through KYC/AML where you provide bank account details, passport or driver’s license, and all that stuff…it’s only because governments require you to.

If you created in Dominican Republic, then you did KYC and all under that. I’m assuming it’s what your Uphold account is still under? If you’re in the United States now, then you just need to change your info in Uphold and they may need you to send them new documentation. Instructions on change of address is at where they say:

If you want to change your information, please contact our friendly support team.

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But im not locked out of my rewards on my other devices, only on my laptop, which is the main one i use brave on. Regardless this makes no sense. And that’s going the extra mile that it makes no sense to even play with this anymore. It doens’t make sense that a reboot of my computer locks me out of everything and I have to submit paperwork. It’s plain wrong.

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It doesn’t. You’re speaking multiple different things and combining as if they are the same.

Have you tried connecting them lately? The way it was working is any device that had been connected prior to them implementing the changes will still be able to receive payments up to the point that they get logged out again, which happens every 90 days or less.

So if it’s showing Verified right now, you may still be under that time period. You can test this if you’d like to risk it, by disconnecting your other devices and then try to Verify/connect again.

Well, if you’ve changed citizenship and all, it’s kind of important. This stuff is taxable, you know? You may not like it but you need to take that up with the government because they are the ones requiring all this stuff.

No, i have not changed citizenship. I just travel regularly. My other devices are connected and synced. Only my laptop is giving me issues. . I am currently connected on my mobile platform and have made trades all these days. I made trades today. My issue is I cannot link my laptop to uphold. The same laptop I have on my brave sync chain.

Before I had reached the device limit, because of the same thing. I would reboot my device and it would be read as a new device. This time after I rebooted I cannot sync because of location. I linked this laptop and my other device a couple weeks ago. No issues.

Okay, which means you’re still Dominican Republic. Which, as linked to you at NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold means you can’t connect Brave Rewards to Uphold for now.

That can play a part in you earning BAT or seeing ads, but that’s a completely different topic.

I know, which is what I explained to you in the prior comment. Yet if you went to brave://rewards and disconnect those devices, I bet you they won’t be able to reconnect if you’ve been getting the Region not supported message. You’re just lucky in that they haven’t disconnected/logged out yet.

That has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re talking about. You’re talking about using Uphold to do crypto. The issue you’re talking about is Brave will not connect Brave Rewards to Uphold if you’re in particular countries. According to you, you’re registered with Uphold with your documentation as a Domincan, which means that with Domican Republic not on the list of approved, you can’t get anything from sent from Brave to Uphold on that device and any other devices which you have to Verify or Log In with in regards to Brave Rewards.

Yep. Which is why it’s good if you read. Did you not click on the links I showed you?

In consultation with the team at Uphold, verifying Brave Rewards with an Uphold account will now only be available in the following countries of registration, effective immediately (starting July 12, 2022):

Notice the starting date was July 12? So guess what, any devices connected prior will still work until they become disconnected! They said this very clearly as well:

Note that those who are currently verified in regions that are no longer supported will continue to be until they are naturally logged out over time, or press to disconnect Brave Rewards from their Uphold account. Once logged out or disconnected from Uphold, users in unsupported regions will not be able to log in again or re-verify Brave Rewards with Uphold.

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So if that just locks me out of uphold, is there anything else I can do with my brave rewards that doesn’t include gemini or uphold? Can they be withdrawn to the brave wallet?

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Not at this time. They were looking at Brave Wallet but then they would have to do KYC/AML and get special licenses. They don’t want to collect all of our data and worry about the cost and annoyance of handling reporting to governments. So that’s on hold for now.

There is a new exchange they are negotiating with, but no details have been made available to everyone. So we have no idea when this will happen or even which countries will be supported.

Anyone affected by these changes just have to be patient and wait until options can be added again. Until then it will store in your browser or you can tip content creators. You just won’t be able to withdraw or transfer BAT anywhere.

Again, nobody knows how long until it all gets handled. Places like France and India are among top priorities right now. Vietnam and Philippines have been unsupported since January. Yet when speaking of which countries will get added, it made it seem like those two are a bigger challenge.

So yeah, world of unknown…no guarantees. Just a matter of be patient and see what happens.

In my case I am in using Brave in United Kingdom which Is one of the allowed countries but I still get this error “Error: region not supported”.
Did this happened to anyone else? thanks

What makes me furious is that now my country is on the not supported list, but due to ducking “issues” all my BATs are stuck in my browsers.
Thanks for nothing i guess…

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Is your Gemini or Uphold account registered with a United Kingdom address? That’s generally what it goes by. If you’re Profile is complete on the exchange (gemini/uphold) and you’ve verified at that, then you may want to create a support ticket so Brave can try to look into it with you. However, if your info is not set up for United Kingdom but is instead elsewhere, then you may need to contact the exchange to verify for the UK now instead.

Thanks man. I have created a support thicket because I’m set up with UK address and verified etc. Let’s see what they say!

Same problem is happening with me, I am from India, in my case that is vice versa.
1st it was stopped working in my mobile and now after 3 months it was also stopped working in my Laptop.

Because of that I am unable to send my BAT from Brace account to Uphold.

I don’t know why Brave BAT, Uphold stopped working in India, infect in India there are lots of users whose are using this browser and wallet as compared to other countries.

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Very unfortunate part of Brave that the community or the team careless are the restrictions by uphold or Gemini.

Brave is a good project but therein a cheating in the name of restrictions and forcing one to send tip monthly.

How can you avoid members or clients BAT and choose Solana for your own wallet?

Good projects fail over time because of greed. Now, technology is advancing so why force all to use Uphold or Gemini as a way to deny many from these opportunities.

Brave team must rethink to benefit everyone!

The whole community must talk about it. Those benefiting are quite and careless about those who are cheated.

Brave cheats openly.

Why must it be only Uphold or Gemini?

I have same case as yours. Let me know what support team replies to you because they suggested me doing RE KYC with Uphold which I already did and still getting the error.

They said to me that the registration with Uphold is on pause because some issues, I think there is pin post about this too

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