Get better at sandboxing websites. Tracked by Google

Brave marketing (the two sentences I read before the I hit download) had me think each website would be an island on its own with the claim of blocking cross-site trackers/cookies. My issue is Google. Using Brave, I logged into Drive and did not log out. Now, I visit YouTube and see I am logged in. Both websites are Google products and use the same login. I’m pretty sure YouTube simply accessed their parent domain Google to obtain my cookie. I’ve blocked these cross-domain cookies for years using NoScript extension on Firefox browser. Yes, web functionality breaks down when you force a website to only load from the top level URL, but I’ve learned from experience these websites will load contingency html that provides an experience ranging between excellent with site-specific cookies down to legacy pages more suited to a flip phone mobile browser. Brave is doing a good thing by maintaining website functionality and blocking trackers, but did not go far enough in this one instance where Google did the whole web. My straightforward advice is take a firm stance on blocking cross site tracking cookies, even those you may have thought to leave in for conveniences.