Cross-site tracker blocking needs a different approach

2 years ago cross-site tracker blocking was working fine with Brave. I switched to Brave so I can take the moral high road to content creators who complain I’m ripping them off by blocking ads.

Unfortunately, these days most sites I use require me to turn off tracker blocking not just to login but even to view the sites.

The experience with pure adblockers now tends to be better in all cases except where adblock detection is used. Overall though, as a user, I’m tempted to switch back to verbatim adblocking everything and pay an expert to fight adblock detection for me.

Can we integrate some of the progress made from other adblockers or is trying to do things diplomatically and fairly putting us at a disadvantage with advertisers who will stop at nothing to abuse us?

Not entirely correct, you’ll find it some sites rely on 3rd-party cookies (which are more likely to break sites). Cross-Site trackers can be easily fixed, since its shared with Easylist/Easyprivacy. We also use the disconnect list, which blocks a lot of social and other sites by default. I can deploy fixes or workarounds in these lists if issues are reported. (also supports the uBO/ABP community for any upstream changes)

We have been deploying newer features like uBO snippets and soon cosmetic filtering (limiting white-space issues). So Brave Shields functionality is improving.

Our best tool compared to a stand-alone Chrome/ Firefox is Brave Shields.

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