Gemini cancelled my account and now I can't receive my BAT tokens from Brave

I had linked my brave rewards to Gemini, however because I apparently tried to create multiple accounts with Gemini using different emails, they cancelled my account. I am also logged out from Brave rewards, and when I try to log in, it redirects me to the Gemini login page. I had asked them how I can receive my BAT tokens if I can’t log into my account and they said to connect with Brave customer support. Any ideas on what to do?

Same, i know it sucks

Any ideas on what to do? :confused:

Well have you made a Gemini account before or is this your first one? i’d definitely try to contact Gemini support about this

So I had made a gemini account because I wanted to verify my wallet like Brave recommended. However, I tried to make too many accounts at once (maybe I used different emails but try to verify my identity, hence creating multiple accounts). It’s a long story – I moved to the states from Canada and in order to verify my identity, I needed my social security number, which I didn’t have until recently, so it’s a long story.

I tried to contact Gemini support and they said that since I have a balance of $0 with them, they won’t be able to do anything, and they recommended that I contact Brave support. My issue is that the BAT that I get from browsing using Brave are not getting deposited. I haven’t converted BAT to USD or other currency :confused:

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