I can't connect my Gemini account

I have 3 computers, two of them are used by my brothers and their brave account is connected to my Gemini account. My account was connected in the same way, but I formatted my computer and now I get an error when I want to connect it again.

I always get the same error when I try to connect.
Error: “Your request is still being processed, please wait.
Sorry, there was a problem processing your request, please try again.”

What should I do, thanks in advance for your help.

In addition, I had 2002 bat in my account before I formatted it. I formatted after the month ended knowingly those BATs will come to my Gemini account, right?

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Hey man, the Brave team just provided an update and said the Gemini linking issue is not fixed yet. They hope to have it fixed today.

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Are they going to update their post that said it would be fixed on the 3rd it is still not working

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