Something i realized about having a Verified wallet vs an unverified one that can help get rewards faster

So last month on October 7th i was paid out my Brave Rewards or BAT tokens same day as i was an unverified wallet user so i set up linking my Gemini wallet to my Rewards so i could have access to them to trade/withdrawal or do whatever i chose to with and if you are reading this on November 8th (when i wrote this) or i guess on the 7ths of each new months hereafter, you will see above on the Community page “Brave Ads Payout Status:” and see Verified Uphold wallets as Payments Pending. Verified Gemini wallets as Payments Pending (on the 7th as it says payments processing on 8th) but see Unverified wallets as Claims Available on the 7th.

Now because i have my wallet linked and “Verified” through Gemini, instead of having access to my BAT on the day Brave says will be paid out ie unverified wallet users having claims available, instead will have to wait several more days as it says if you scroll down under the Brave Ads Payout Status and read through.

I say that to say this, if you unlink your Rewards from Gemini or from Uphold you would then have the BAT in your unverified wallet on the browser like i did last month and previous months to THEN be ABLE to DEPOSIT them SAME DAY as in the 7th onto Gemini or Uphold by just relinking them as if you were doing it for the first time like i did last month and then have access to transporting the BAT elsewhere or selling it whatever.

So whats the point of linking my Rewards to a Verified Wallet on Gemini or Uphold if it means you’ll have to wait “several more days” on top of the already week into every new month i thought would be reserved for this from Brave? I honestly dont know as i see no point in doing this if you care about getting your rewards asap. So unlink your Rewards from your Gemini accounts to become an unverified wallet again BEFORE each month ends so you can get access to them right away then just re set-up your wallet so you can deposit them onto whichever wallet you use.

(Idk if Uphold will require you to have minimum of 15 BAT again but i know there is no requirement for Gemini).

So take that as you will but i thought id make others aware of this that like receving their BAT as fast as possible and not have to wait unnecessary extra time if they’ve set up Verified wallets like i did and for me just getting that realization that i have to wait extra time now instead of being first in line as an unverfied getting it same day and taking the 5 minutes or less it takes to set up/link rewards to wallet on Gemini again and having them deposited onto Gemini to do whatever with. Needless to say i will be instantly unlinking them after i receive my BAT for this month.