Gemini User Wallets in Nightly and Beta for Public Testing!

Today, we’re happy to announce that Gemini user wallets on desktop have been enabled by default in our Brave Nightly channel, and for a small subset of users on Brave Beta. If you’re on these versions of Brave and would like to help us test, you should see an option to verify your Brave Rewards wallet with Gemini when pressing the “Verify wallet” button and following the steps. (If you’re already verified on these versions, see here.)

If you’re on Nightly and don’t see the feature, you should update your browser to the latest version first (brave://help) and/or try restarting your browser.

Although we’ve already performed significant QA/testing internally, Nightly and Beta may still contain bugs or other unexpected behavior. By using Nightly or Beta, you understand and accept this.

Some important things to remember:

  • You start with 4 linking slots for Gemini. That means you can verify up to 4 Brave Browser instances (Rewards profiles) to your Gemini account. These are separate from your 4 linking slots with Uphold. Note: Verifying on Nightly and Beta counts toward your Gemini linking limit.

  • Important: The Auto-Contribute feature in Nightly and Beta may not work as expected when you’re verified with Gemini. If you have an Auto-Contribution due, it may fail while you’re linked to Gemini, and your Auto-Contribute list for the month can reset.

  • Transaction times:

    • When you make a tip to a Creator, your tip may take several minutes to process and transfer from your Gemini account to the creator’s Gemini account. Accordingly, you might not see your balance be deducted for at least several minutes after making a tip.

    • If you have an unverified wallet with some BAT in it and connect to Gemini, it may take a little while (up to 20-30 minutes) for the BAT to arrive in your Gemini account.

Please share any bugs or issues you find with us in this thread! Other than that, we are super excited to roll out the Gemini user wallet feature, and thank you for helping us test!

—BAT & Brave Rewards Team


.@chriscat - just checked Nightly and Beta, the Gemini option isn’t there. any ideas?

[i’m desperate to get away from Uphold, lol.]

  • mike

Hey Mike, first thing:

  1. Go into brave://help and make sure you update to latest version;
  2. Restart the browser (Nightly)

That should make it show up!

Yep it’s there now! Thanks, very excited…

Did you fix the bug on users unable to tip users on another exchange?

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