Connected to Verified Gemini Account and lost balance

I had about 9.5 BAT in balance, to try to withdraw it I created a Gemini account and got it verified, the moment I approved brave + gemini link all my balance vanished, neither I have it in Gemini nor I have it in Brave Balance. Even if I disconnect my Gemini account the balance doesn’t come back what do I do?

Not sure what you can do about it. But since this seems a general issue that keeps happening to everyone that links their account with Gemini, I suggest to read older threads and try finding out if they have found a solution. :man_shrugging:

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It’s been 6 days, I still haven’t got any progress. I waited so long to withdraw my BAT(9.5 BAT) and for absolutely no reason I don’t get them. I even pinged soemone who said DM me if your problem didn’t solve yet. Please help me out

Did you DM a Support Team Member?

@DownJeans641 Did u get a resolution for this.? Same happened to me. Lost all BAT rewards

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