Brave Rewards disappeared from Brave Wallet and Gemini

My rewards from last month just disappeared from my brave wallet and gemini wallet and i contacted gemini but they said i had to sort it out with brave. Unfortunately, i cannot find any direct contact and i have sent message on twitter but still no reply. Is there any way i can get my BAT back?

Please read FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers as it provides some relevant information.

You didn’t provide specific enough information for me to answer here.

  • Did you just now link Gemini or has it been verified for a while?

  • Are you saying BAT in your browser vanished or BAT from your Gemini account? If it actually vanished from Gemini, then that has nothing to do with Brave. You’d need to look at your transaction history on Gemini and find out what they did to your BAT.

When? Keep in mind only one person works on Twitter usually and Brave is basically closed on the weekends. All the staff work Monday through Friday overall, at least on the Support side of things. So if you just sent them a message in the past couple days, you’ve not given enough time for them to see or do anything.

I doubt you “lost” any BAT. If you just Verified for the first time, then your balance in the browser would have gone to 0 and the BAT would be in the process of getting sent to Gemini. This can take anywhere from a couple hours to a few days. Depending on the amount and time in the month, it might get paid out in the following pay. (we’re nearing end of the month, so that’s possible as well).,

To get back to that, Support Ticket gets placed at

My gemini account was verified last month and my BAT was sent to my account at that time. It was showing on both my browser under “Your balance” and in my gemini account. A few days ago while i was browsing, i noticed thw BAT had disappeared. Now its showing 0.000 BAT under “your balance”. Now, all my balances, both browser and gemini show 0 BAT in the account.

Note, this has not affected my estimated earnings on all my 3 devices.

It could also be related to the auto contribution, you should check if the setting is enabled.

No, my auto contributions are turned off.

Look at the Gemini transactions history, there should be something.

This is what my gemini account shows. The BAT just disappeared.

I contacted gemini and they said i should clear it out with Brave because it was a rewards issue

Usually if it was something regarding your browser, it would be a Rewards issue. Btw, that’s your portfolio over time thing but that’s NOT what you need to check. I don’t have Gemini but I can show you the Uphold equivalent.

You should have a detailed history to show when you received BAT and also if anything was taken from your account. If taken from your account, it should also show where it went to.

The only way something missing from Gemini could be associated with Brave is if you tipped a Creator or had Auto-Contribute turned on.

You have to scroll a bit and click “transaction history”

Thats the thing, it does not show any transactions in the history. The only transaction should be my rewards BAT for May 2022 entering the wallet. But it does not even show that there. It only shows on the graph i sent to you. I have opened a ticket just now. I use 3 devices and gain rewards on all of them. I do hope this issue can and will be fixed. I’m new on Brave and Gemini, and this is quite frustrating seeing as BAT can just disappear from both wallets.

Here it is.

Strange that history is empty, my Gemini records everything, including deleted trades.

Give me a favor, check the bell notification, there are 5 on it.

Yeah, something is weird about that because it shows as if you have never had anything in your account at all. Meaning it’s saying you never had BAT to lose in the first place. Yet you’re saying you received your payment in to Gemini in May. I wish I knew more about settings and everything within Gemini to guide you more on looking.

If you can’t see it yourself, you may have to inquire of Gemini about why your Transaction History is showing blank. Beyond that, to get help from Brave, you’ll need to submit a Support Ticket at and then someone like Mattches or Steeven will have to check in on it when they can.

Regardless though, it’s very suspicious that Gemini has no history for you. Only way that would make sense is if you have 2 accounts and you’re just logged into the wrong one or something. But if you’ve EVER received or sent anything, you should always have a History for it. That’s one of thee benefits of cryptocurrency, there’s always a log/ledger to track where anything has gone.

I agree that its suspicious. Notice how the graph juat went straight to 0. And then the history shows nothing. It really needs to be checked out. But Gemini says i need to sort it out with brave. I have sent the ticket and i am waiting for their reply on the issue.

What would i look out for there? It only shows notifications on the changes in bitcoin price in the market and the times i logged into my account

Even latest transactions are showed in the bell. Although I see from the graph your balance was around 0.20 gbp, so less than 1 BAT. Maybe small amounts like this don’t get recorded, I don’t know, but for 20 cents you shouldn’t lost your sleep.

No, i am not worried because of the 20 cents. I am worried if i put in more it could disappear too.

Like @Saoiray said, I think you should ask Gemini the reason of a blank history.