Gartic Phone - Adblock dont let me save my gif

Hello community of Brave !

I have a problem with the adblocker for Gartic phone, when i try to save the gifs of a game, the button turn again and again and dont launch the download :frowning:

The URL of the website is this one : (You can launch a game in solo to find the problem faster)

Here a screenshot of the page without the download starting

The issue is present with standard option of Shield.
But this site function normally when Shields are turned off.

I havent customized the Shield or what, iโ€™ve just installed Shield some days ago

When using Chrome the website function normally

Brave version : 1.22.70 (the page said its the last update)

Please, have you some ideas to help ? <3

Thanks for the time you spent to read my problem,

Have a nice day, take care !

What steps do I need to reproduce this? Iโ€™m on the start screen @LunareVolpe

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You need to Start and start again. Put a random word or sentence. And at the end it will purpose with a short time of wait to save a gif with a little button at the emplacement of my screenshot

hope it help !

I did a video to illustrate my problem :slight_smile:
hope it will help you better ! (It show how it work without adblock and with adblock)
Thanks for helping me ! <3

Okay, thanks for the video, I can replicate it. give it 24-48hrs.

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I dont know what you did, but it work ! Yesterday i played on this website with friends and a friend who use Brave to told me it work now and i tried and everything is working ! thanks a lot ! :smiley: Youโ€™re awesome !

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@fanboynz great work.
Glad to hear this was resolved, going to go ahead and close this thread for now.

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