No adblock turn on button?

okay so when coming into brave i have noticed that there wasnt no turn on and turn off button for adblock, i have been mostly using brave for an very long time" the first time i came into brave was no problems, i was impressed that it blocked mostly all ads than any other website ad-blockers couldnt block. so i usally watch youtube and crunchyroll on brave so until now when coming into crunchyroll i am starting to see ads pop up more then multiple times, i have went to the shield settings and there was no button for the adblock, and i knew for sure there was an on/off button there because i have turned it on to block ads an month ago, up until now i have realized there was no button at all and i need o remind the company to get it back, becuz i cant find it anywhere, its like it vanished . i tried download brave nightly and brave beta, but it was no use and i was hoping it to block ads for me but then it was no help, i so politely speaking to please bring back the ad-block on/off button, i have tried everything and nonthing havent work for me. but if i keep having the same issues i guess its time to move back to opera.

so as you can see in this photo there is no ad-block button anywhere on this settings.

Needs more info.

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