Legacy wallet holding funds that I can not access

I originally installed the brave browser about over 2 years ago, which I believe is the legacy browser/wallet. I would use the browser with the metamask extension. And didn’t know that brave had a 2nd wallet running in the background to my understanding. so I used it to place some assets.
my computer crashed and I had to reset everything, but I did not worry because I had my seed phrase safely stored.
So I installed brave again and tried to recover my wallet with the 24 seed phrase, but it didn’t not work. and also I check the address and it doesn’t match with my original address that has funds. I have assets in the wallet, but the seed phrases I have do not represent the address that I have the coins in. I can see thru etherscan that the address has the coins. When I saved the seed phrase brave wallet has 24. and metamask 12. how do I recover the funds ? I researched and some people are mentioning a bug. I enjoy brave and the browser, but this is disappointing for me.
Please help me to resolve this issue, thank you.


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Hi @lineman, when setting up the new Brave Wallet, did try you checking this box when entering your 24 word phrase?

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