Why is my wallet gone?

I opened up PoolTogether to check my account, and Brave told me I needed to import a new wallet. Where is my existing wallet? It should have been logged in already except you messed with things!

Where is my wallet? I can’t get to my money because my Brave Wallet no longer works!

I lost $300 dollars because of this. The only import seeds I have are for different wallet addresses. I’ve been logging into that wallet for months with just a password, and you ruined it. Why would you do that? Why not let me log into my existing account that worked just fine with a password and go through an upgrade process if you had to change things?

Merry Fucking Christmas, guys. That was money set aside to buy presents.

Sorry for the trouble. Your old wallet is still safe and available.
You can always go to chrome://settings/wallet and set your wallet to Crypto Wallets to access your old wallet.

However the new wallet will have a lot of new features and things added to it over time so I’d recommend staying with it. You should be able to import from your existing Crypto Wallets or MetaMask by going to brave://wallet or using the wallet icon on the top right.

I’m not sure if I tried that before I tried every restore I could find, none of which were the wallet that was working fine and has the money in it. But now that I tried to restore some, that one is gone forever, since none of the keys I had were for it.

Your auto-migrate sure kicked me in the ass.