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Recently I’ve found is that my browser forgets all of the passwords, history, and bookmarks when closed. This to me is strange as I have no such settings turned on and I have also done a complete reinstall of Brave to see if that would fix it, which it did not. This problem makes it very hard to use the browser and the reason for its happenings is not clear to me. Something that could have caused this might be with how I plugged in a separate C: drive in along with my already existing one to look through the files. I don’t see how this would interfere though as I launched from my usual OS and didn’t go through the other one. Anything is helpful thank you.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.26.67 Chromium: 91.0.4472.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Im suggesting this only as a formality so we can continue looking into your issue :slight_smile:

Have you checked to confirm that you have nothing enabled in the Clear Browsing data setting? There is a OnExit section that you can customize to delete certain data when you quit Brave.

It can be found in Settings → Privacy and Security → Clear Browsing data → OnExit

What OS are you currently using?


“Clear Browsing data” settings in the OnExit tab are all greyed out and not used. I use Windows primarily.


Is the browser installed in the default location(s) though?

Yes and when I uninstalled the browser I uninstalled EVERYTHING that mentions Brave browser. I installed it into the default location it gives and it continues with the problem.

This problem would be way worse if I hadn’t exported my passwords and such but it is a big inconvenience.

Are you by chance running any cache/data cleaning apps on your system, such as cCleaner?

No theres no software interference involved.

maybe this bug is related:

I used windows disk checking software which repaired my drives then when opening Brave it had told me my files were corrupted and unsaveable. A lot of my files had been corrupted by my added drive I guess but I think everything is under control now. Thank you.

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