Annoying problem

Every single time I restart my computer, everything get’s lost, my bookmarks, my tabs, my history, my passwords. Is this happening to anyone else? Might switch back to chrome just because of this . :frowning:

Hi @bobjiggler. Welcome to Community!
Can you go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData and check if you have anything under the on exit tab enabled?

Yeah no I don’t have anything under that tab

What version OS/device are you using?
What version of Brave are you on?

Do you know if you’re using multiple profiles? Do you have a circular icon in the top right? If so click on that icon and you can navigate between profiles.

I’m using windows 8.1 on “person 1” which isn’t a guest. I’m using 1.17.75

How many profiles are listed?
Do you see profiles that you did not create?

I see 3 accounts. I created them all.

So when you restart, is the data being cleared in each profile, or only one profile? Or are all the profiles deleted?

I think all profiles.

So the data is being clearing in all 3 profiles? But the profiles remain there? Can you confirm this?

Yes, confirmed. That’s happening

Can you please reply?

Do you have any file cleaning software like cCleaner or something similar running on your Computer?

No I don’t have any of those.

Can you try testing something for me? Simply download and install the Brave Beta build and see if it behaves the same way after a bit of browsing and restarting your PC. Note that installing/running the Beta will not have any effect on your current installation, nor will it overwrite any data.

yeah it’s same with the beta

pls help me or reply

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