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Hey Brave, Yesterday i shutdown my computer after using my brave browser peacefully without any problem when i comeback today and see it resets all of my passwords, history, cookies, logged out my all accounts. this was my second time i facing this problem. what the hell with this brave browser? Why this is not fixed yet? many people reported this problem. i lost my precious time and documents important office work. i want my things back please help me out. i have requested you to fix this problem and let me know how i can recover my data

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@sampson @mattches could you have a look ?
What Brave version are you on ?
What OS are you using ?
Do you have your device in a sync chain with other devices having Brave ?

Brave Beta 113 , Desktop

I dont have sync chain

We are looking into this issue presently — can you please tell me whether you’re on Windows 10 or 11?

Windows 10, please tell me should i use this browser or not? because second time i lost my precious data. i don’t want to lose it again.

is there any chances that i can get my data back?

I am not sure — we are investigating this issue presently. Please take a look at this thread I’ve created and provide as much information as possible and check to see if anything else mentioned applies to you:

I know Brave developers and support are investigating and attempting to resolve. Whether they’ll find a way to get data back is yet to be seen, as it might just be that they find and fix the glitch to stop it from happening in the future but lost data remains lost.

That said, one thing I can ask is if you might have a system restore point that was made prior to this issue? If so, not sure if you doing a system restore to that earlier point might get you back to how everything was.

For me, restoring to a previous time did not help. It needed the Sync Code and I did not have access to it. If you have the Sync Code, that might work for you.

All is risky right now. My best recommendation is patience, but I understand that is hard to do.

now i am going to use CHROME browser :)) i don’t get it the problem why isn’t fixed yet.


same here but seems similar things happening to chrome too i saw some peoples i’m now switching to microsoft edge . the best option available now
I literally lost my job bro. didn’t expected this from brave . It’s not even a beta or early it’s release version . then how this happens my login sessions and profiles are gone

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It’s happening there too. It’s a chromium issue. So any chromium browser is experiencing it.

I know, let that sink in for a moment. Of all the people using Beta and Nightly, not a single one reported issues. Then here on Release, it’s only a very small subset of people who are having problems. This means it’s not just within the browser but there’s something else going on, a conflict between some particular apps/programs/extensions and/or drivers.

While investigating Brave has found some Users experienced this problem due to Malwarebytes extension. Others had it because of Avast or Ccleaner, which were set to delete things like cookies.

The other headache is some have had everything vanish while others still have part of their data. Also, some have reported entire sync chains disappearing. So as much as we’re having people reporting similar problems, they vary greatly in details from one another and it’s not a simple origin.

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I have Kaspersky antivirus installed on my pc. but i didn’t installed the extension of kaspersky on brave . and a game called valorant that has a vanguard program that always run in background . that’s all was running.

can you just tell me is it possible to restore the logged sessions ?
i have the profile folders files everything in appdata directories but it only restore’s the bookmarks and history … in the profile folders there is some files called login , logged account, but it didn’t restoring my logged sessions data’s

Did you change your windows login password? Stupidly enough I also lost logins and passwords because of this, because for some reason the genius at chromium decided to encrypt the browser passwords to the windows login. Worse even, if you try to restore the old password, you wont get your logins back.

I use the software chromepass to restore them, but keep in mind that you need the old previous local state file (where chrome based browsers store the connection between your browser and windows password), and also change your windows password to the old one.
Note that even if you have a backup from your “user data” browser folder with everything functional in there, it won’t work if you changed your windows password, because they aren’t “connected” anymore.

This is so asinine that it has to be on purpose…

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While this is a kind of “lock the barn door after horse is gone solution”, when I heard about someone losing their bookmarks and pinned tabs using Brave, I read the thread to its and and one solution was, on a Mac, do a Command/Shift/D and that saves all your bookmarks. I have a reminder to do it every week.

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