Force dark mode

I love this browser but there’s one thing which I think could be way better and that is the force dark mode.

Currently I have to go to brave://flags and search for dark mode then enable it and then relaunch the browser. That is a pretty long process and if the color inversion just doesn’t work for a certain webpage (the text can’t be read or other issues like that) I have to go through all of that again just to disable it and then again to re-enable.

I really wish that there was a way quicker way of enabling/disabling it, for example how in opera gx (i think that was what it was called) you can just right click anywhere and click force dark mode.
Also, it would be awesome if there would’ve been no need to relaunch the browser.

What I am basically saying it is that I really hope for proper implementation of the force dark mode feature because in its current form it is a pain in the …elbow to use.

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