I am REALLY enjoying the #enable-force-dark flag!

I just wanted to pop in and say that I found the following flag…


…enabled it, and am very pleased with the way that Brave forces web sites into a dark mode. In my limited experience, I feel like this feature is ready for primetime. I feel like this should be a side option next to the Dark mode setting.

I’m sure many people take features like this for granted. So I just wanted to give some recognition to whomever worked on this feature.

Nicely done!


Thanks for mentioning :pray:

I found another one…


This flag allows websites to automatically be put into dark mode or light mode depending on which theme your device was in.

I think this will be way better than the one you mentioned which force all website into dark mode, all the time.

I’m assuming that one just turns on or off a checkbox in the themes area. The checkbox itself probably turns the other one on and off without having to go to the flag directly.