Bottom Toolbar Issue

Everything is just perfectly working except there is one issue with bottom toolbar when it is enabled; whenever any blank space in between the two options(icons) on the bottom toolbar is touched, there apears to be a glitch that reflects on the bookmark icon as if the bookmark icon touched. Please do fix it. For your information I have tried beta version, but this bug exists there as well. #IrritatingAndFrustrating

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@kliu do we have an issue open for this one? :slight_smile:


I dont know why you guys are so silent on this issue. I insist that this glitch exists on all of the recently updated versions whether it is a ‘release’ or a ‘beta’. Such an irritating UI downgrade from Brave. Do something please.

Look the issue has not been fixed even in this latest version. Developers must do something. What do you say? @Asad @eljuno

This is a known issue and an issue is already logged. Please track the issue here

Closing the thread for now. Added a +1 on behalf of the user.