Bottom Toolbar Functionality - What's Important?


The first revision of the bottom toolbar (with the bookmarks link and especially the new tab button) really fit my workflow well. I find the new one less functional. I’ll go into the reasons below, but I would suggest that all the functionality we’ve seen on the bottom bar could be included by adding long-presses.

The thing I’m talking about
The top is the original version and the bottom is the new version announced here.

Another user mentioned that bookmarks are rarely made but frequently accessed. That probably isn’t true for every workflow but it is for mine (and presumably theirs).

New Tabs
Similarly, I almost always create a new tab every time I open the browser and will return to close stale tabs later. It’s the fastest way to the list of most frequently accessed sites and doing this naturally groups related searches in the browsing session.

What I’d really like to see is a set of buttons with different functionality on short/long press.

Home | OpenBookmarks/SaveBookmark | NewTab/FocusAddressbar | ShowTabs | KabobMenu


Home | OpenBookmarks/SaveBookmark | FocusAddressbar | ShowTabs/NewTab | KabobMenu

(Even better would be letting us select the buttons to show in the toolbar, but I understand why that is a rarity in most products.)

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