[Fixed] "Continue where you left off" opens hundereds of new windows on restart

Description of the issue:
Upon startup of Windows 11 laptop. I open Brave. The browser will then keep opening new windows for a while and i’ll have to go close all of them before using the browser. Notice that the new windows are all the default “new tab” tab, only one of them actually has all the tabs i had opened when I shut off the system.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Have a few tabs open
  2. (Possibly) Move a few tabs to a new window, then add them back to the original window
  3. (optionally close Brave browser) then restart system.
  4. Upon startup open Brave browser.
  5. Lots of new windows with just new tab open alongside expected window from last session

Expected result:
Only the windows with tabs i didn’t close should be opened. No new windows i didn’t have before restarting the system should open.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:
Upon testing newest version it seems to be fixed

Additional note:

I also use “closing last tab doesn’t close window” option enabled that might contribute to the issue as well

Updating the browser has fixed the issue.
I updated the browser on my laptop and the issue dissapeared but it’s still present on my pc where i haven’t updated yet.

note to self :
check for updates before making a post next time


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