Closed tabs recovered unwantedly

I close tabs intentionally and brave recovers them for every new browsing session.

Whenever I press ctrl+shift+w my entire window closes, and brave closes as it should, but the next time I open brave the new window comes with all the tabs that I had before.

I closed those tabs because I don’t want them open anymore. But they pretentiously force themselves back upon me, rudely assuming that I was clumsy enough to mistakenly close them despite the popup that I only recently dismissed permanently.

This happens every time I close my brave window, as long as it has at least one tab open, the next time I open a new window, my old tabs are automatically restored.

Currently operating windows 11.

I’m sorry in advance if this problem has a glaringly obvious solution that I am somehow missing.

@Qurios Just will have you confirm the simplest part really quick. Settings -> Get started and then change On startup so you don’t have Continue where you left off selected. Or you can get to the same menu by pasting in brave://settings/getStarted

I’m hoping it’s that simple of a solution, that you’re having that happen because it’s set to Continue where you left off.

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Kind of embarrassing that I didn’t see that. That should work, thank you.

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Awesome, if that was it, then glad to know it. I was wondering there was some crazy issue occurring that we were going to have to uncover! lol.

If that was the solution, do a favor and mark it as such. You’ll see the Solution check thing next to where you can hit the :heart: or :link: buttons on replies.

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