[FIX] No Brave Ad notification on linux/Ubuntu

Description of the issue:
“No Brave Ad notification on linux/Ubuntu …”

Expected result:
Notification based Ads

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.27.111 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit) *Installed via repo

Additional Information:
Main problem is Wayland

[1] Use Xorg (X11) based distros [like Ubuntu 21.04 uses Wayland by default]
Most of distros are still using X11
Screenshot from 2021-08-10 10-48-11
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[2] No notification ads on Linux - #7 by iamrony777 Try this to check if you’re using Wayland or Xorg

[3] If still the problem remains try this too If you not receive ads on Windows or Ubuntu

[4] I found something weird - If you install Brave via SNAP then it doesn’t work properly but you will (atleast for me) get more ads than installing via Repository

We all know theres a wallet verification limit between Brave Rewards and Uphold account , but if you’re on Linux and like to keep changing OS try to take a Snapshot (backup) of Brave Browser via Snap (yes you have to install brave via snap) , move that snapshot to a different HDD/Pendrive/Cloud … then change/clean your OS (whatever you want) then in new OS place the snapshot file on same place and restore with snap
this will only work properly if you have already a Verified Uphold account added to your brave rewards without Device_limit problem
hope this helps and doesn’t go against ToS

Hello @iamrony777

i use rockylinux which is based on RHEL so i use wayland and never have issue for ads that related to that and before that i was using centos which use wayland as default also and never had that issue

if you already configured your machine to accept notification then you should get some

and please notice those rule

  1. there daily and hourly limit of ads you get
  2. make sure there ads in your catalog check this https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/
  3. some ads has some restriction for example if there ads about cloths then the advertiser could set the rule that their ads only show to people from certain region and also who interested on certain category like fashion in this case
  4. also advertiser could set the limit of how manytime the ads show to the user
  5. if you having gaming mouse there issue related to that as it keep reporting that it active and in this case the ads does not show up
  6. ads does not show up on some cases like full screen mode and there other cases too

a notice for this way that sometime it does not work not sure why but sometime the profile copy method fail
hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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