Fix for Brave Browser Artifacting when Hardware Acceleration is Enabled

There are 2 similar threads with similar fixes but I also want to give mine.

" SOLUTION ! Brave browser BLACK screen FLICKERING FIX ! with the hardware acceleration ON!

thats one i forgot the other.
anyway, I triggered this common problem when i was messing with cpu overclock, realized i meant to undervolt it too but undervolted the igpu inside the cpu not the whole cpu, so i changed that and freaked the hell out when i saw artifacting that didnt go away after resetting cpu and gpu to normal settings.

BASICALLY!! yes u can fix it by turning hardware acceleration in Brave off, but just like the other 2 solutions, i recently had turned on vertical sync on fast. so i had done that, then later undervolted the already overclocked cpu (probably too much), and thats when the issue sparked. so just turn that vertical sync off in the nvidia control panel, uhhh i think restart the brave browser with hardware acc off then back on, then turn vertical sync back on if u want. if mine does it again, then i assume i need to do as the other solution i linked says, and specifcally tell nvidia control panel to not use it for Brave application

Try disabling, then re-enabling HW acceleration. Would also try updating GPU drivers (or try slightly older drivers?)

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