BATs not being added after seeing ads

I’ve been using Brave for nearly a year now and I’m loving it. And I kinda got used to how the ads-to-BAT system works: you go to the “New Tab” every two hours or so (not sure if that’s the actual cooldown time) refresh the screen to see the ads and collect “four ticks” of BAT — how much it tick gives vary from day to day.

But last couple of days I’ve noticed that I’m not getting BATs added for an entire day, no matter how many ads I see or what time of the day I checking in at.

(I currently live in Brazil and I know we have less ad campaigns than other countries do.)

And one more thing, if you guys can clarify for me: I remember seeing pop-up ads during a week in October, which I kinda liked as well. Are they going to return at any point? Will they replace the “New Tab Screen Ads” or will they be added as an extra ad system for extra BAT?

Thank you!

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