Brave Firewall + VPN iOS won't connect - iPhone only (iPad working fine)

Hi. I signed up with Brave Firewall + VPN via my iPhone 13 yesterday. It was working fine until this morning, now it won’t connect. The status switch on the Brave iOS browser won’t activate, and the status switch in iOS settings > VPN > VPN Configurations will not connect on Wi-Fi or data. It’s all working perfectly on my iPad and Mac. My iPhone is running the latest version OS, iOS 16.5.

I have read the various posts about this on the forum here and here and one or two others. I followed all the troubleshooting suggestions but still it won’t connect. Troubleshooting steps I have done so far:

  1. Change region
  2. Check iTunes subscription (still in valid trial period)
  3. Uninstall and reinstall Brave iOS app

I also have Proton and Surfshark VPNs which are working perfectly on the same phone, also as VPN Configurations.

Any advise would be appreciated. I want to support Brave, which is why I decided to trial the Firewall + VPN even though I have two other active VPN subscriptions. I ensured these VPNs were off when troubleshooting to get Brave Firewall + VPN working again.

I hadn’t tested rebooting my iPhone. I rebooted it now and Brave Firewall + VPN is working fine again.

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