Firefox to Brave - Missing this address-bar feature so badly. How to have it in Brave?

I’ve been using brave since the firefox addon controversy. Brave is okay but still needs a lot of things to improve. I’m also missing the separate address bar and search bar of Firefox and some keyboard shortcuts. But last but not the least, this feature(in the screenshot) I miss the most in firefox. Any way to have it in brave?

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Just found an extension called fauxbar :slight_smile:

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Hmm. All my Braves do that. Your screenshot looks like it might be of Muon Brave. What version of Brave are you running and what OS?


I do have that feature in my Brave Browser - Win7? It is working on my set-up - yeah, agree, it’s a great feature.

That’s screenshot from FireFox

I believe @Dryad is saying that that feature does exist in Brave. Do you not get this drop down when you enter text into the address bar?

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Hello @Mattches , I’m just saying, this feature is not as effective as FireFox’s address bar. I never said, it doesn’t work. First go to an IP address ( example: after that, restart your browser and type the last part of the IP address ( for the above example, it would be 105 ) and see if it shows as one of the results. I’m pretty sure, it won’t. But in firefox, it will definitely show.

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