Cannot drag-&-drop in Brave since ~ 2/13/2021

I’ve been dragging-&-dropping files in and to Brave for as long as I’ve been using Brave. This is done on 2 monitors, typically with image files. For the last week or so, when I drag an image file from one monitor into the other (the “other” of which is a tab opened in Brave), instead of dropping the file, Brave displays a black circle with a line through it - indicating without words “No Dropping of the File”!

I’ve experimented with two different web urls to determine whether it was the url I was working with or if it is all urls, thus meaning it is a problem with Brave. This is occurring with all urls; therefore, it is Brave.

I looked up this issue here (didn’t find anything current) and also online in general - found nothing. I even had an online chat with a friend who uses Brave. I decided to run the function under the “Reset Setting” section called “Restore settings to their original defaults”. That did nothing to change the issue.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this so that Brave will again accept drag-&-drop files?

This is on Windows 10.
The “About Brave” says it’s up to date. Version 1.20.108…
Thank you.