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I want to switch from Safari to Brave on my Mac, but these missing features make it impossible:

  1. No favorites on startpage (didn’t Brave have them in the past? The mobile app has it, why not the desktop version??). Favorites (with folders pls) are very useful because a big grid is easier to use than if you need more than the 6 bookmarks on the bar.
  2. cmd + z to reopen last closed tab!!! Pls, it’s more convenient! Or at least give it a shortcut that’s easy to remember!
  3. No sync of open tabs between mobile & desktop: whyyy??? Also, pls no differentiation between mobile & desktop bookmarks like in Safari! I don’t need my bookmarks saved twice! And sync password too! I can’t live without them!
  4. maybe a password generator too when you create a new account. Safari has it & it’s very practical!
  5. no native DRM support for Netflix? I don’t want to install plug-ins…
  6. make the download bar way smaller! It’s huge currently, every other browser has a little button that shows the downloads.
  7. a small preview when you hove over a tab with your mouse. It’s useful especially if you have lots of tabs open.

Apologies but I believe Brave has almost every single one of these features.

  1. Favorites are going through an overhaul – they will populate based on your browsing activity right now but we will be implementing custom tiles soon.
  2. No, cmd + z does not open the last saved tab. However, you can use cmd + shift + t to reopen the last closed tab.
  3. Brave Sync has options for all of these:
  4. Password generator is a nice suggestion :slight_smile:
  5. The plug-in you’d be installing is called Widevine and is an alternative DRM used in Safari. Other browsers like Chrome/Chromium, Opera, etc also require Widevine to be installed in order to view DRM content. Note that Brave informs you of the plugins installation before you opt-in, where as other browsers will opt you in automatically.
  6. Thanks – there is an open issue for this, although it’s not our highest priority at the moment. I will add your report to the issue regardless for the developers to review.
  7. You can enable this feature by typing brave://flags/ into the address bar, then searching for and enabling the following flags (#tab-hover-cards, #tab-hover-card-images):

    Ensure that you relaunch the browser when prompted for the changes to take effect.
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Well I thank you for your help! :slight_smile: I didn’t know that only Safari has a built-in DRM.
But I already stated that for 3., the tabs & passwords on my desktop don’t show in iOS. I already enabled it, but only the bookmarks are synced.