Few featured request that could be added

Why Hello there Brave!

I m coming to request few features that I m really missing from other browsers. I will mentions specific browsers or just sources that been my inspiration to make more clear for admin to check it out and possible adding.

1. News Feed.
I know there is on Windows already but there are only just from US. There could be much more from other countries and adding them by yourself would be awesome!
[On both devices PC and Mobile] (Idea from Opera Gx)

2. VPN
On IOS there is a Brave solution but for Android or PC devices not really. As all we know vpn is must have if we really take care about our privacy. There could be free solution from e.x WireGuard,3servers to choose. US,EU,ASIA. Also Pay option to bypass vpn for while device not only in browser.
(Idea from Opera,Firefox,and also with bypass vpn to whole device from Aloha browser)

3. Translate
There could be added private translations solution powered by for e.x Lingvane.
(Idea from Vivaldi)

4. Password manager and other more or less usefull ideas.

Well the open source password manager by brave would be something.
There are other features like Email,Calendar.
(Idea about password manager from Firefox/ProtonMail. Ideas about Email and Calendar from Vivaldi/ProtonMail/StartPage)

5. Extended Brave Ad-block feature on mobile devices

Brave adblock works fine on PC’s(on mobile its ummm…just say it’s working OK but there is no much to custom) but rather than adding own lines I would recommend to add a own list of scripts from github for example “github.com/XYZblocklist/XYZblocklist.txt
And make that to sync with all devices not only on PC.
(Idea from PC Brave version/Vivaldi)

Developers are actively working on implementing Brave VPN on all platforms, you can track their progress over here: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/15804 (Android is also in the Github ticket above).

I also would like to see a secure password manager; that requires a master password to access.

As I said in no. 1, there is a news Feed but so poor, u can’t add ur own from other countries,all feeds in based in US.

About vpn it’s good brave working already on it but added a option to bypass whole mobile device with that vpn.

About Adblock i know it’s can by change from url bar same like with “flags” but it could be more easily to edited from menu(like it’s Look already on PC)

The translate option like Vivaldi should be studied. I know translation service is expensive but if Vivaldi has found it can be done with Lingvanex maybe Brave can also. Auto translation is really missing from Brave.