Brave VPN. Concider it

Hey there.

I would like to request a VPN feature to the browser, it would be amazing. Opera is a browser that have it’s own, a pal told me about it… then I told him about Brave and he inmediatly came to the Brave side of the force :rofl: :rofl:. I also heared about Crypto Tab that made a Browser and it also have an Integrated VPN, and I think CCleaner made another browser that also have VPN.

Also I just imagine Brave with it, I mean, I’m from Venezuela, not only it have one of the worst internet connections in the world (and I’m speaking about the general population that have to survive with the national services, because don’t afford about 10 - 20 usd monthly… because that’s their monthly salary), also it have some web restrictions, in my case, I have to use AirTM, but it’s blocked in Venezuela (Because the terrorist goverment here doesn’t want you to change the trashy currency for actual money), so I have to use third party options to do that, then I imagined that if Brave can even work with TOR, having a VPN obliterates the competence XD.

Well, an admin told me one day : do not use a VPN with Brave Rewards… it would be great to clarify this topic !

I suppose it could be related with the Transparency thing.

Opera browser is owned by a Chinese private equity fund. The CEO and most executives are Chinese too.

Two options:

  1. the Chinese government gives you a VPN “to respect your privacy”
  2. the Chinese government gives you a VPN to spy on you.

You decide.


Didn’t knew about that, lol

Anyone that is on Venezuela Reading this about AirTM access, I just discovered I’m dumb, I just had to deactivate the shields and it let me in. XDD