A bunch of features that i want for brave

Hi i’ve been using brave for quite a while, and so far its been pleasant. but there’s a few feature that i’ve been struggling to “adapt” and it’ll totally be amazing if you guys would implement this feature that i’m going to mention

  1. Easy files
    This is an extremely feature (used in Opera browser) that you can send / upload a file without downloading it (aka copied to clipboard), ive found this helpful at a few scenario
    -When reverse image search by google
    -When submitting a picture file to people
    -Uploading Picture to google drive
    and much more. this will totally help people who have limited storage
  2. Sidebar suggestion
    I know you guys are working on a sidebar (I’ve tested it with Brave nightly) and it is kinda limited, i have a few suggestion to what you guys can put there
    -brave player, you can connect your Spotify, Apple music etc to it and can play it by the sidebar
    -add any website to the sidebar, as the name might suggest, add any website to the side, but there;s a few problem with this, a few website kinda sucks with small view, i suggest give an option to either choose dekstop view, or mobile view
  3. Split screen, well…split screen
  4. Download bar, this is more a “Quality if life” suggestion, you know when you’re downloading something, it popped out in a thick download bar in the bottom right? well i asked a few people and they kinda dislike it, i suggest putting it on the upcoming side bar, or on the menu bar
  5. a screen shot feature and Picture in picture, im just gonna put this into one part. a screen shot feature, pretty self explanatory, sure there are some extension to do so, but they’re pretty limited. for picture in picture, again there are also an extension for it. the only problem is you cant change the volume or scroll to a part of a video, extensions only allows to pause

thats all the feature that highly recommend adding, there are a few stuff that can be added/fixed, doesnt bother me personally, but a few people do have it kinda annoying

  1. the top site thing on the homepage looks very low resolution and pixelated, it’ll be amazing if you guys manage to fix it
  2. being able to change the layout. brave’s default view is top site on the top left and cards on the top left, many people prefer the top site on the middle (mainly because they’re used to chrome’s layout)
  3. The ad blocker. brave’s ad blocker works amazing for me, but a few people find redirects ad still works even with brave shield turned on, i tested it myself and it actually do
  4. Being able to change the news for certain country

thats all i can say, Brave works amazingly for me and if all that thing went in, Brave will be the best browser i can think of.
and merry Christmas everyone :slight_smile: