A few minor feature requests

Hello everyone!

I have some feature requests, they are mostly settings to enable/disable some features/stuff. For start, I’d really like to have ability to disable “Brave” entry in the context menu of the websites. The reason is, I use uBlock Origin and it has the same entry in the context menu, so Brave one is just wasting space for me.

I’d also like to have ability of completely disabling Brave Wallet and Brave VPN. I know I can some disable parts of it using brave://flags, but it only partially disables it. Leaving both entries in the menu of the browser. Moreover, if you disable Brave VPN using brave://flags, browser starts crashing the second you open settings, so I need to have it enabled even though I don’t use it.

Brave Rewards and Wallet parts in the browser’s internal pages are present at the top when those features are disabled; that should be hidden.

Brave Search bar in Incognito tabs should also be hidden unless is Brave Search set as default search engine.

And that’s it from me. I hope you’ll consider my requests.

Best regards!