Possible to have URLs suggested in the search box?

When I search say “BBC News”

The results look like this - is there any way to have it show URLs I can do directly to without having to go to the search page first? Perhaps an I’m Feeling Lucky feature?

I think it depends on the Search terms you enter. On my end, if I enter only bbc, I see the following sites suggested:

But if I type in bbc News as you did, I see search suggestions. I can reach out to the Search team but why this is the case.

Yes please thanks! very much

Can you confirm that you have the Auto-complete searches and URLs option toggled “on” in Settings --> Privacy/Security?

Sorry for the delay. Yes, it is turned on.

Thank you for the information. Reaching out to search team now for more information. Appreciate your patience.

Has there been any update @Mattches

While I haven’t had a direct response — what I’m seeing is that in order to jump straight to the website, you’ll need to have visited it before. For example, using BBC News still, I got the same results as you did on a fresh profile using Brave search as default.

However, once I went to BBC News the first time, the next time I searched for it, I was able to select and jump straight to the site:

I believe this is the expected behavior