Readability of search results


I am a new user of Brave search and I would like to give feedback.
As I have had enough of Google, I’ve decided to change my search engine.
Brave looks good, and for the moment, the results seem to be efficient.

In order to help, I would like to tell you that I find the presentation of the results not so good, especially regarding readability.
For me, the font is a bit too big and too bold.
The spacing is not sufficient. It is not easy to quickly understand the content of the results because of all the elements mentioned above.

No or small space and no line breaks in the result snippets make understanding really slow and not easy.
You really need to improve this because it could be a factor that pushes your users to switch to other search engines.

I am, of course, staying on Brave, but try to work on this point which seems really important.

Good luck.

EDIT: It seems that the problem could come from the result it self which shows the different topics as dispayed in the result page mentioned.
To be sure, i give you a link to check it :wink:
I tried on vivaldi, FF and Edge, it displays the same on all these browsers.
So, i guess that the problem is because of the content.
This does not happen on most requests, I should point out!

Anyway, the problem doesn’t occurs (for the same link/result) with another search engines.
So, there is a small problem with that.