Brave images are chaotic. Don't be Bing. Structure the results?

Also get rid of the “Find elsewhere” wrapper in between the results. What are you trying to do? Make sure we are as confused as possible when we look at your results? People came to Brave to get away with JUST THAT. And, now you’re just trying to be Bing.

Microsoft is st*pid, alright? Be smart.

Format the images in rows and columns for Christ’s sake, dumb-dumbs! Compare the same search on Google Images, with yours.

Brave images:

Google Images

What Shields settings are you using? Did you have any extensions or what have you done to interfere with the page?

If you see below, this is what Brave Search looks like by default using the same search you did

Notice how yours is missing Brave’s icon image to the left of the search bar?

Also Goggles link, the Feedback option, etc. are completely missing from yours, which always shows by default on Brave Search.


If you don’t like something, then use the adblocker to change it.

use the :style() rule if you want. I mean, it’s not hard and you can do “whatever” you want without expecting Brave team to do it.

If you want all images on the same size and then have no padding on the left, then it takes 3 seconds to research it and remove them.

Example: 200px !important;) > main:style(padding-left: 20px !important;)

But just reducing the padding-left and removing the search elsewhere little panel, is enough to make the results display more content and better.
Images are different sizes and I like what Brave, so it makes sense to display them and not scale them to fit them to the little thumbnail.
You might dislike it, but look all the wasted space in the Vertical pictures, which is exactly what Brave did what they did, which is to display images in good size even if they don’t align.

I mean… you say “Be smart.” and “dumb-dumbs!” but how hard is to use the adblocker? I would say it is pretty easy, so nobody should complain about these minimal style stuff, where you might dislike what others like when you can easily fix it yourself and move on.
So I guess I can say to you… Be smart?

I mean just something like:

“Find elsewhere” wrapper in between the results.

which takes like half a second to get rid of, because it is it is basic adblocking stuff, the basic of the basic, not even :style() which is not technical, but not many know Brave supports it (I guess).

I haven’t used Brave’s default layout for who knows how long, modified, some padding and here and there.
Right now I only have enabled these ones, but have more experiments disabled in my Custom filters: calc(100% - var(--main-content-padding)) !important; --normal-snippet-width: 100% !important; --main-content-padding: 15% !important; --search-form-width: calc(var(--main-column-width)  - 20%) !important;) > div.flex:style(width: 100% !important;)
![class^=container]:style(flex-direction: column-reverse !important;) unset !important;) var(--main-column-width) !important;)

:style() is one of the best rules Brave Adblocker supports.

Do you see the difference? well, I didn’t need to cry to Brave team or complain, or think they are dumb only because I didn’t like their decisions in some padding and etc etc.

Your opinion or tastes or likes or dislikes doesn’t either make you smarter or better, so you shouldn’t insult Brave team for their decisions. Especially when Google’s search images layout is not great either, it’s just what you are used to. And to be honest, 90% of people will not agree with you either.

But the good thing is adblocker exists, and Custom rules can be written or loaded for Desktop and Android.

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