February Earnings Problem

My February rewards were not credited even though March 7th have passed 6 days now. my account is connected to a verified Uphold account. i received the rewards every month without a problem, but now, the payment is not received.


i also have the same problem. please help

Oh, i thought i was the only one facing this problem. we’re waiting for help

nope, it appears brave is imploding. I haven’t received anything from Jan as well.

I’m giving them till the end of the month or i’m swapping away.

This is not worth the hassle for 1.5 to 3 bucks a month lol.

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Yep. Too many problems, too little help. I with you on that; except, I’ll keep Brave only because of the Ads blocks for YouTube…But yeah, Brave is too inconsistent.

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Same here guys and no update whatsoever. I don’t think we’ll lose our profits, ,but inconsistency is certainly an issue.

what now looks fishy is my individual thread seems to have “disappeared”.

Nah, just a million posts that appear here because nobody ever wants to read other Topics to find the answers to their problem. Just like we’ve already addressed the "February Earnings Problem` that’s talked about by all of you in a lot of posts.


Anyway, frustration out the door. What I did was click on your name and then went to Activity. In that it shows all your Topics and Posts (comments). Down on the very bottom was Any idea where my BAT is?

So it’s still there from 2 days ago. Though no responses it seems. I went through and responded to just about everyone who had no replies, but yours flew under the radar since you replied to yourself.

Payments BEGIN around the 8th of each month (the date changes, it used to be 6th, then 8th, now I forget if it’s the 7th?). This isn’t when it arrives but is when the system begins to process and send.

You can see more about that at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Also the tracking for the current payout is Ads Payout Status Update

Payments to Uphold only 55% complete. Everything should start arriving very soon, it just slowed down on the weekend.

@Saoiray any ideas what the red circle means?

  • Verified Gemini wallets: :red_circle: Payments Complete

They accidentally put it in the wrong place. Uphold should be showing red because it was not complete yet. Gemini should’ve been green. I generally try not to go by that but instead use the Sampson one because it’s a little bit more accurate.


So it is showing on the Sampson one that I pulled is still processing.

Then I definitely didn’t get any rewards! :sweat_smile:

i also have the same problem. please help

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I have the similar problem. Some bat arrived, but quite a bit less than it should have.

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completed its just a marker

Only one of my February awards has arrived. And it doesn’t show up at the Brave Awards, which profile it comes from.There are three more accounts to be paid.

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I read on a similar topic that some of the accounts have been “flagged” for irregular activity. Exactly how many have been flagged? What exactly is irregular activity? How do I know that I’m flagged? Now, brave has rewarded me with 2 BAT for seeing all their commercials, but I got nothing last month and this month I accumulated close to 5 BAT, which turned into 0.25 when I logged in half an hour ago. And, of course, payments are still pending, at least on Gemini. I stopped using all other browsers just for believing in your project and I actually advertise you every chance I get, but seeing all these people, including me, having the same problems, seems the very least, fishy. Word gets out pretty fast and it won’t look good. I should have seen it coming from a project that chooses Uphold as their first default account for their followers. Shame.

Btw, last month, I was disconnected from my Gemini account, which is linked to my brave rewards, just when the payment was about to arrive. Same thing this month.

Hello @MoodMaker, as mentioned in our DM, payouts are still processing. Please follow this thread for updates regarding April payments - Ads Payout Status Update.

Please send details of your specific issue to our DM.