Rewards missing since March 6

I have been using Brave for quite some time and just realized that my ad rewards have not been paid out since March 6. I was receiving my rewards every month on the 6th and then all the sudden they stopped. It is still showing that I have estimated rewards every month, however when I look at my verified Uphold wallet, I have not been paid since March. Even when I look at my statements for each month on Brave, there is zero information. Even the months that I was paid out there is zero information in the statements. I’m currently running the most up-to-date version and have my Uphold account synced and verified. Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Try disconnecting and then re-connecting your Uphold account. :slight_smile: You should get paid out in the next payout.

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I’ll try that and report back here next month! Thanks for the suggestion

here’s my problem… no idea why, and I did not empty the wallet. NO EXPLANATION given to me.

Notice I did not verify (have not been able to), so I can’t send the BAT anywhere. I also have never sent a tip. Should be a lot of BAT there… Nahhhh digital poof…

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