February and March payments were not made

hello @steeven ,
I know you’re busy but You just announced that the payments have been completed.But I haven’t been getting paid since February

February payments were made but not transferred to my uphold account.now no payment is even made

please help about it

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I’ve sent a DM for this before, but you haven’t made a return.

I did not receive the March payment. I have linked uphold, and got the payments before, but this month I only got the claim button although my Uphold is still linked.

I forgot to write,these screenshots belong to 2 different profiles.I have 3 profiles in total

I am in the same boat, still have not received payment yet and to make it worse it says next payment is June 5 for me lol just skipped an extra month! I love brave, I’ve been using it for the past 8 months but like this is really frustrating…

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Indeed. Exact same issues on my end. And I haven’t seen an ad in over a month. All their “fixes” don’t fix a thing. All this during a time when BAT is hitting all-time highs. Strange.


Exactly! I As well have not seen any ads since the second week of March. I have seen new tab page sponsored ads but when I clicked on them I didn’t recieve any bat in my pending rewards like I use to recieve.

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Must be something on your end because I get my ads just fine and I just got a very nice Creator payout earlier today. I also got a payout for ads viewed, albeit a very small amount, yesterday or the day prior. I wish you luck and great success.

In my case the payments haven’t been pushed to uphold since last 6 months.

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Why isn’t any official helping ? I sent @steeven dm for the problem but there is no answer.please help for the problem

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I’ve received a few answers from him over the past 2 months but nothing very helpful. Perhaps you’ll be one of the lucky few. Good luck.

HI @linuks001, please see my reply to your DM. Thanks.