January rewards uphold have still not arrived

Good morning all,
I still haven’t received my January rewards on my 5 BAT Uphold wallet, I sent a PM to the people concerned, but no response, can you help me if possible? Thank you very much

Agreed, in the same boat. Got 1 payment for like 0.6BAT when im owed more like 8+BAT

@Heiji I see you just joined Brave Community 3 days ago. Brave Support doesn’t actively work the forums over the weekend, so that’s 2 of the 3 days or so that they wouldn’t have been here to respond to you. They are currently experiencing delays in resolving issues. As long as you did send a DM to steeven and Mattches along with all the information they need (your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals) then you should be hearing back from them as soon as they can.

The amount of time to resolve varies by the person and circumstance, but it seems about one and a half to two weeks is the average delay at this time.

hello, where i can send them an email ? i have the same problem since december, i contacted uphold but they can’t help me for that problem.
thank you

If you mean staff, we don’t send email but instead you DM them here. To do that, click on their names when tagged and then select Message. So you would be contacting @Mattches and @steeven . When you message them, make sure you tell them your Wallet Info which you can find by typing brave://rewards-internals in your URL browser. It opens up a new page with information. Also advise them that you have not received rewards since December. Also advise if you’re seeing ads, which device you’re on, and if you see any changes in Estimated Earnings as it might help them to know more of what’s happening.

Do be aware it’s primarily the two of them working to help everyone. It can take weeks to get your message and then a little while to investigate and resolve. Don’t expect a fast response and resolution, though can be incredibly surprised and happy if you do.

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thank you very much mate !!

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