User Interface Customization


I would like to be able to tweak a variety of things in the UI. For example,

  • Move home and refresh to be left-aligned
  • disable tab preview hover
  • customize keyboard shortcuts
  • add a bookmarks drop-down for quick access - similar to how this extension works on Chrome:
  • dock the developer tools at the bottom or side of the window
  • add icons next to the brave/lastpass icon to jump to settings/bookmarks/downloads/extensions/history
  • be able to drag/drop folders within the Bookmarks edit window


Feature request: Icon link for bookmark/history (or customise toolbar)


  • Preview on hover can be turned off from the tabs section in settings:

  • There is an issue regarding keyboard shortcuts here:
  • I created an issue on github to track your request about the bookmark drop-down menu:
  • There is an issue on github regarding docking of dev tools:

Regarding the other stuff I don´t really know what you mean but some examples would be aprerciated :slight_smile:
So I could create issues on Github for those suggestions too :slight_smile: @oliverh72


Thanks! I’ve gone to github and +1’ed on each. So apparently I can’t post screenshots yet for further clarification.

Basically, on wide screens, I’d like the address bar and the refresh & home buttons to be aligned to the left, next to the forward & back buttons.

Again, on wide screens, the space to the right of the address bar, I’d like to be able to add buttons to quickly jump to Dev tools, History, Bookmarks editing, Downloads, etc.

Finally, when editing bookmarks, I’d like to be able to drag a folder of bookmarks into another folder to move it. Right now, you have right-click the folder, click edit, then change the parent folder. This is onerous if you import a lot of folders from another browser and you went them in the Bookmarks toolbar.

Thanks for the tip on tab previews!

Another request - have an option to make tab previews a thumbnail (like Opera/Vivaldi) as opposed to a fullscreen overlay, which is distracting and not very helpful.


[quote=“oliverh72, post:3, topic:3221”]Finally, when editing bookmarks, I’d like to be able to drag a folder of bookmarks into another folder to move it.
This issue is tracked here

You can upvote the request here


Very helpful, thank you!


Maby you could create an issue requesting the home button to the left and then link it here? :hugs: I don’t have my computer at hand until tomorrow and since you already have a github account then it shouldn’t be an issue to create an issue :wink:


Issue for customizing UI elements is already logged. You can track it here

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