Feature request: Auto-contribute reminder

Title is somewhat explicit: there is currently no monthly warning/notice sent to users having auto-contribute enabled (either willingly or as a consequence of an unfixed glitch) asking for confirmation they want a part of their wallet fund sent to creators.

Posted for visibility.

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Can you change the category to feature request, so that other users can vote on it?

They are working on it, though part of me wonders how quick it might come. This is especially as they are working to move Rewards over to be part of Wallet early next year. Just like how they had been working to enable a Backup & Restore option for Rewards but then canceled that project because of that upcoming change.

Definitely think it’s coming, but I’d be shocked if it gets handled before Rewards change.

“We’re working on it” is PR bullsh*t. They deliberately hide 98% of the actual stuff in private repos so they can easily lie to everybody about what they are actually working on.

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