auto contribute randomly turned on withou my permission

idfc what the happened but i want my rewards back because i absolutely never turned on auto contribute you thieves

@truenyako auto contribute is on by default. And getting at other people for your failure to pay attention won’t get people to want to help you. If you feel there’s an issue and you’d like Brave to try to help, you should submit a Rewards Support Ticket at But I’d lose the attitude and name calling

First of all that is false, ive installed Brave on multiple devices over a few years at different periods and it was never on by default because you cant even earn rewards unless you turn them on. Second I set my setting upon install every single time and never have I once toggled auto contribute on for even a moment. So I will have an attitude and will continue to call it theft because that’s is exactly what it is. I know what my setting were because they have never been changed since installation so for them to randomly become something I again ABSOLUTELY NEVER ACTIVATED warrants me to become pissed off. Stay out of the replies if you’re going to blame me. I know what I put settings on and I’m the only one with access to my computer. So all evidence points to Brave deciding a random update is allowed to change my settings which is complete nonsense

Seriously, you should pay attention. Let me show you conversations over the years from this being a complaint. Auto Contribution has always been enabled by default:

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What happens is people will argue things and act like they are 100% confident, like you just did. But then, when someone is able to show evidence to the contrary, like I just did, then it takes away all of your credibility.

Instead of being adamant and combative, you should’ve looked into it, or asked questions. You could say that you did not realize that it was on and people might work with you. You could express that you think it is not a good idea for it to be on by default, and many people will agree with you.

However, trying to tell people that it has never been activated by default in the history of Brave is BS. And once you start lying and arguing about that, and it leads us to wonder what else you were going to lie and argue about. And when you start name-calling and having an attitude, then it tends to show like you’re someone who’s just trying to stir up drama rather than get help.

So I’ll circle back around what I initially told you which is that you should do that support ticket if you would like to get assistance from Brave. In many situations they are able to review the history and can sometimes refund a month of auto contribute. But that varies on a case-by-case basis.

How many times do I have to say I know what I put as my settings this isnt the first month of the current installation, if it were it would have auto contributed every month for the last 5. Please explain how it could possibly be that for 5 months auto contribute was off then suddenly without anything changing it does it this month. I dont care anymore about the default because for the 4th time I(as in me) KNOW(as in have the mental capacity of fully remembering) WHAT(as in all the possible options) I(again me) PUT(as in what I chose) THE SETTING(auto contribute) ON(as in the option I chose). If you dont have the ability to pay attention to what Im saying and just wanna hammer in something that should be completely irrelevant several months after the installation of the browser and all the settings have been modified to my liking we clearly have nothing productive to say to each other.

The point here it was off, always was from the day I toggled on rewards whether or not it was on by default is completely and totally irrelevant as I said and will say again for the 5th time. I MADE SURE IT WAS OFF AND IT WAS OFF FOR SEVERAL MONTHS. No amount of “Its on by default” changes the fact that it WAS off. If all you’re going to do is continue to try gaslighting me then Im done with you.

I’ve paid attention to all that you said and I’ve responded to it each time. I’ve also given you the solution to your problem, though I’m not sure that you’d decided to do it yet as the link are showing no clicks.

And yes, in your first reply to me you made the argument that it NEVER was on by default. Then you mentioned you never once toggled on auto contribute. What you failed to mention, however, is whether you’ve ever actually turned it off. Kind of a big thing to mention.

It’s no gaslighting. If nothing else I was in an irritated mood from dealing with some kids earlier and I was talking to you like you are in immature kid who needs to learn to speak better. You’ll have a very difficult time in life if you can’t grow up.

Want to see how your conversation should have gone?

Saoiray, thanks for responding. I believe I had auto contribute off as this is the first time it was taken out of the months I’ve used it. I’ll submit a ticket and hope Brave can fix this issue!

Even on the first post you made:

Seems to be an issue where auto contribute turned itself on. I’m not quite sure what could have happened, but any help would be appreciated.

But coming out swinging like you did does not encourage people to like you or want to help you. I don’t work for Brave so I don’t have to worry about “customer service” and polite responses. However, even when I was in customer service, you would have fallen into “file 13.” Nobody wants to help someone who is being an asshole and can’t calmly communicate.

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As said, submit a Rewards Support Ticket at and someone from Brave will look into your issue.