Fake Site/Rewards - Unofficial Brave?

I don’t know which categories it’s but I just want to let anyone know that there’s someone sending obviously fake links and rewards. They are asking about installing the brave browser from their website (their own version I guess). We must spread it because a lot of people might get caught on it since the BAT token is already popular.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It seems as that the Google form they were using is closed but this is certainly fraudulent activity.

We’ll be looking further into the issue internally — thank you again for your attention! :slight_smile:

Hi @ComeBack, thanks for posting this. Do you have any site URLs you can give us? How did you stumble onto this?

They emailed me. Here’s the link of their copied website of brave : https://brave-bounty.com/

As you can see it really looks like your main website. If the new users saw it they might really fall on it.

This the name of the person who emailed me : portalcrypto@yahoo.com

I suggest do some announcement regarding to this problem. A lot of people are on risk.

Good luck and thank you for the hard work!

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