Is this website link came from brave or someone copy brave?

@Asad @Mattches @alex @eljuno
Admins, may i ask if this came from brave??? They conducting airdrop i think someone copy brave… And conducting airdrop through this link…

Please have an action for this team brave…

I am not a dev but that site should be banned. It appears to be a russian based site that uses “Brave Browser” in its name for keywors ranking on Google and then spoofs/loads the Brave site.

Definitely not white hat whatever it is and it is misleading.

Good catch :+1:


@Yongsuson @joshy,
Definitely not us and definitely not safe. Please be careful with sites like these and thank you for bringing it to our attention. I’ve pinged the appropriate team members about the site.

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Nope, definitely not – we are working to try and get it taken down :slight_smile:

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