Brave website scams?

Hi, today I was going around youtube and I saw an ad about brave. But, the page was this: I’m not sure if this page is official or not, but I mainly open this topic from this reddit comment:

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Thank you for reaching out. I’ve informed Security team of the issue and they will investigate the sites. is owned by Brave.

The other one mentioned on Reddit is not affiliated with Brave and we would suggest keeping away from it. We are investigating.

There’s another fake “brave” website

See topic Strange Brave Browser website

The download link from redirects to other random page.

It doesnt download nothing.

Clicking “more about Brave” and “download” links redirects you to

But I also noticed that: Scroll to the bottom of the website

I saw that message. The website was supposed to be part of the referral program, and now that it is canceled. They changed the download link for a fraudulent link.

It redirects to another page (sponsored) to earn money

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