Failure with sending USDT

I’m trying to send some USDT I have in my Brave Wallet to a CEX to do some trading.
Since this morning the status is still: “Unapproved”.

I don’t have any ETH in my Wallet, could that be the reason?
Thanks for any inputs on this.

The Brave Team will never ask you for your recovery phrase or private key.

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Hi @pat35, you will need ETH in your wallet to send USDT on Ethereum Mainnet do to the network requiring fees to be paid with ETH. This is known as a “gas” fee. Once you have ETH, you can open the wallet panel (which should pop-up with an approval request your unapproved transaction) and click “Confirm” to initiate the transaction. The transaction will remain unapproved unless you cancel or confirm it (confirming requires gas (ETH))

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for replying to my question. I had the feeling that should have been the case. I got confirmation now. I bought some ETH and the transaction restarted without any need to confirm. That’s fine now. Thanks again.

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