I cannot send USDT from my Brave Wallet to a Different Exchange

I succeeded in buying USDT, but I cannot send it to the final destination in Binance, or other exchanges.

I first got messages that I had insufficient gas - so I bought $15 in ETH for the fees, and that brought me to another error message:

“-320002: Transaction simulation failed: Attempt to debit an account but found no record of a prior credit.”

*** Brave is up to date
Version 1.46.144 Chromium: 108.0.5359.128 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Error message as shown in image below:


I also do not understand how to send USDT out of my Brave Wallet. It seems to want to send only to a SOL address.

I purchased the USDT on the Solana Mainnet Beta Network, and ETH in the Etherium Mainnet, FYI.

@Gman9 I just wanted to post here to let you and others know that the person above is a scammer. The account has now been suspended. Whatever you do, don’t go to the link they provided.

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@Saoiray - Thank you for warning about a scammer - is this individual @discobot?
It is a bit disappointing to find scammers here. They are everywhere these days it seems…

Also - Is there any support I can get with having my money stuck inside my Brave Wallet and how I can withdraw those funds?

Are you selecting the correct network? USDT can be sent via different networks.
In your case you should ensure you are using Ethereum network (in both, your Brave wallet and Binance).
For those using Solana network, they should have SOL in their wallet for the fees.
In Polygon network they should have MATIC … and so on, and so forth

For technical support, please open a support ticket using the link below

Thanks @rodrige - You helped solve my issues!

I was on the Solana Mainnet, so - all I needed to do was to purchase Solana. I saw that I needed GAS fee, so I purchased ETH instead, but that was on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Thus - I just purchased some SOL on the Solana Mainnet, and the transaction went through immediately! Thanks so much!

Now - I have some Ethereum that I no longer need - is there a way I can convert that back to FIAT USD though the VISA debit card I purchased the ETH with?

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No, the mods here completely removed the post. It was a long string of numbers in the name. They had referred you to a brave0 link and claimed they were Brave Support. It was basically going to be like I just got scammed right here where they would have directed you to their fake version of Brave’s website, had you click on “Live Chat,” and then eventually would have had you provide your Wallet details where they then would have emptied your account(s) of all crypto you have. A few people lost thousands of dollars each to that scam or similar.

Discobot is actually the tutorial bot for all the things you can do in Brave Community. You get the automatic first message when you join, which I believe also tells you about Trust Levels and what you can do. Then eventually you will get another message I think, where it gives a better tutorial on how you can modify posts. Like:

Hide Details

How to hide details like this

They also talk about how to link to categories, like if I wanted to tell you to visit #brave-feature-requests . It’s crazy because I honestly used Brave 2 years without paying attention to it. But I finished its training earlier this year.

If you’re asking if you can refund it, basically, the answer is no. You can Swap your currency one for another, but there are fees involved on that. In terms of moving anything to your bank account, that’s actually something I don’t know about through Brave Wallet. I’m wanting to say that I’m pretty certain you can’t because they don’t KYC/AML. What this means is you would have to move crypto over to an exchange, such as Uphold, Coinbase, etc and then you would be able to convert it send to your bank account. Of course, there will be fees along the way.


Thank you so much for your answers! You are very helpful!

I don’t have any BAT for a tip - but could send you some ETH if you are interested - DM me your wallet if so…

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