Facebook and other issues!

I have Windows10Pro and I loved the Brave browser and how easy it was to use with my Chrome extensions and so on, but something between Facebook and Brave is messed up! It types super slow and then sometimes I can’t even delete what I’m writing in the post before I even post it, I have to refresh the page and post it again! The text I highlight simply doesn’t delete. I suppose it could be one of my plugins isn’t working with Brave as I use Grammerly, Lastpass and so on, but I’ve disabled them and still had the same issues even in a private window so I don’t think that is it! So, for now, I have to bounce back to Chrome until whatever is happening there is resolved as it’s driving me nuts, but hey, if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks!

@MontanaTom, Welcome to Community!
Can you try using Facebook the page but with all cookies allowed enabled.

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