Browser Slow Typing Bogged Down

These last 2 weeks have been really bad using Brave desktop browser. Both Facebook, and Youtube get so bogged down within 10-15 mins of use. Type out a few words then try to backspace a word or two, is just crazy slow. It can take up to 4-5 seconds to be able to remove the words, and replace them. Sometimes I get tired of waiting for it, I just hit enter anyway.

Of course I cleared cache and even ran Ccleaner on the browser which will then fix it for a few mins, but only a few mins. I then used Firefox for a day, and had no issues. I then moved on to Vivaldi for a day aswell, and also had no issues. Went back to Brave, and the issue persist. All 3 browsers have the same addons so you would think if it’s the addons then the other two would have the same issue. Nope those run fine.

Pretty sure I’m just going to get the same reply of reset your browser (which I did a couple weeks ago but didn’t help) or be told to create a new profile, which I am done with creating new profiles because of all these issues with this browser.

Anyone else having this problem with Desktop Brave?